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The Shift Music Association

In 2016 Josh Weigel and Shawnie Goldman created a non-profit music association.  The goal is to partner with other non-profit organizations and help raise awareness through concerts & events.  The Shift Music Association has since partnered with non-profits such as; Feeding the Soul, Banding Together, Samuel Lawrence and many more!


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Terra Madre Amenities

"Garden Song"

Know man's right to grow.  Know man's right to know.  What's in the food he serves at home if the crops are not his own.  You won't see me at the store no more!


Life is just a dream.  Exactly as it should be.  For I was blind, but now I see.  You are all a part of me.  We are all a part of We!

"Love will find a way"

Its in the books you read, or so you say.  Seek the truth, it lies in shades of grey.  Illuminate your mind and stay awake, for the dark your light will overtake.

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Oceanside, CA

The Shift is based in beautiful Oceanside, California.  Only 30 minutes from the city of San Diego and a little over an hour from Los Angeles.  We find inspiration in the local scenery ranging from pristine ocean views to the West and the occasional snow capped mountain to the Northeast.


Our local community includes the Southern border crossing into the Baja peninsula of Mexico, as well as, the vast deserts of Southern California.

The Shift knows no boundaries!

Feeding the Soul's Christmas Show

The non-profit foundation Feeding the Soul has an annual Christmas Show with previous acts such as Jason Mraz, Tolan Shaw, Lee Coulter, Raining Jane, Eric Schwartz, Billy Galewood, MC Flow, Jessie Payo and more!  Raising nearly $100,000 for various organizations after more than 5 years of performances!

Banding Together

Greatest Hits!

Banding Together is a non-profit organization that hosts monthly jam sessions connecting artists with those who use musical therapy to manage social and developmental disabilities.  The Shift is a monthly jam session guest and has performed at the last 2 "Greatest Hits" fundraisers at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, California!

Centre Lothlorien

Located in the Champagne region of France about an hour and a half from Paris, Centre Lothlorien offers a variety of workshops and events geared towards the healing of Mother Earth.  The Shift has performed for the Global Earth Day, as well as, the most recent World Peace Festival attracting Earth Keepers from more than 40 countries!  The Shift was the only California and USA representative!

Living Tea

The founders of The Shift Music Association are also the owners of Living Tea Kombucha sold throughout San Diego County.  Every 2nd Sunday of the month Living Tea offers free pancakes, kombucha and music to their local supporters.  This open mic style event has gathered so much support over the years and has been the driving force behind Living Tea's giving back to the community of Oceanside!